Pros of Particle Board Furniture

Furniture made of wood was thick and strong and somehow manufactured to last through the ages. Nowadays wood furniture is slicker and can be made to last quite long but so many alternatives to wood have been made available and they go so well with contemporary design that wood furniture now seems back dated. A material that is fast capturing the wood market and replacing it as well is engineered wood or particle board. Particle board is a composite product and it is made by compressing left over wood together. Leftover wood consists of wood shavings, wood chips, saw dust etc. When veneered, particle board furniture can look just as good as real wood.Why particle board furniture is becoming popular:

1. It is far cheaper than wood. When it comes to furniture some look for class but most look for economy. Particle board furniture can offer class along with economy.

2. Particle board is actually made of leftover wood so in a way it recycles wood and thus is eco friendly.

3. Most particle board furniture can be dissembled. The ones that cannot be dissembled are lightweight and hence easy to rearrange.

4. Wood warps due to excess moisture. Often it becomes impossible to open or close wooden cabinet doors during rainy seasons. Particle board furniture is immune to such problems.

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