How to choose accounting software for your Field Service business

When choosing accounting software for your Field Service business, there are several factors you need to keep in mind to make sure you select a system that meets your company’s needs, including pricing, features, support, and training. Whether you’re looking for a new accounting software provider or purchasing software for your Field Service business for the first time, there are simple steps to take when making your decision.

Decide on a budget before you search for the right software

A budget will help you determine which accounting software providers offer a product you can afford to help you narrow down your options. Pricing will vary depending on the features available, so you must know which features your business needs before signing up for software. You don’t want to pay for an overcomplicated system when you need a simple solution. Contact several software providers for quotes and compare pricing to ensure you get the best value for money. When you request pricing, find out if your subscription will include updates, data storage and reports, as some software providers charge an additional fee for these services.

Choose a system with the features your business needs

The accounting software you choose must meet the needs of your business to ensure you have all the tools you need to streamline your workflows and increase productivity. It’s also essential that the software integrates with your company’s other systems, like ERP Software. Integration can improve your business processes, but you’ll have to manually share information between your systems if they can’t be integrated, adding extra admin time to your day. For example, if you choose an accounting system that integrates with your ERP Software, you can make changes to your customers and suppliers and send this information to your accounting system, so you don’t have to capture the data twice.

Find out if the software provider offers support and training

To guarantee successful implementation, choose accounting software that includes support and training. Training will save your team the effort of learning the system by themselves or misusing the software and making mistakes. A reliable support team will be advantageous when your team needs help. Support and training will ensure that your team gets the most out of the system to maximise productivity. If the software provider offers support and training, find out if it’s included in your monthly or yearly subscription or if you will need to pay for these services.

Ask the software provider if they offer a free trial

The best way to find out if a system will meet your business’s needs is to use the software. Many software providers offer a free trial for two weeks or a month to help you decide. You can use the trial period to try the features you want to use and ask the software provider questions. You could ask your employees to use the system and share feedback to help you determine if the software is user-friendly and how much training will be required before your team can start using the software.

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